Expand Your Reach

Are you a nursery or grower?  Do you want to increase your sales and simplify your work day?  Bidscape is the fastest and most efficient way to sell plants.

Four simple steps and you're on your way

1. Landscaper sends you a new quote request.

2. Enter your bid.

3. Get notification when your bid is accepted.

Cash In Hand-96.png

4. Accept payment and deliver.

Who uses Bidscape?

Sell all throughout California to landscape firms large and small.  We consistently work with some of the largest firms in the state including BrightView Landscape Development, Pierre Landscape, Marina Co, and Park West.

What does it cost?

Bidscape is FREE, and we won’t ever charge you a dime.

How do I get paid?

Receive instant payment or a check within 30 days, we’re happy to accommodate whatever works best.

How do I sign up?

No sign-up necessary!  All you need is your company name, yard address, and an email address and you're ready to go.