Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a broker?

Brokers are expensive. On average we’re less expensive than searching yourself. So no, we’re not a broker.

Brokers don’t tell you where material is coming from. We do. So no, we’re not a broker.

However, we do offer many of the advantages you’d expect from a broker, such as a single point of contact for supplying material, better overall customer service, and solving (or preventing) problems with orders.

Where are you located?

Our main office is in Altadena, CA, but we have branch offices in OR and AZ, and supply material from partners throughout CA, TX, NV, OR, and AZ.

Why should I use you instead of going directly to a grower?

Do you feel lucky? Many buyers don’t realize, but growers and nurseries broker in material that you request from other places to get the sale. This ends up driving up costs substantially.

We use some magic behind-the-scenes to avoid these (and other) unseen costs.

On large diverse lists, we tend to be less expensive than even what experienced purchasers with 20+ years on the job can put together.

For hard to find material, we have better success tracking it down (if it’s available) than looking direct.

We are always less work than going direct, and usually we’ll be less expensive too. But the real question is - for the rare times we aren’t, is it worth the extra effort?

We are simply the best way to find plants. Really.

Don’t take our word for it - try us out and see for yourself, or ask around.

Do you supply quality plant material?

Yes. We go to great lengths to make sure that we are only supplying quality plant material.

And once again, you don’t need to take our word for it. On any items you want to be extra sure about the quality, you can request photos at the push of a button.

In most cases, you will even be presented with photos of multiple options to choose from, so you can prioritize the specific aesthetics you are looking to achieve.

Do you have a price list?

Both pricing and availability changes depending on the market, but we do have a sample price list for Southern California’s market here.

That said, the best price list is the one we put together based on your market’s real-time availability and pricing, so we really just recommend you submit your list.

Do you deliver?

Yes. All our orders are optimized around delivery to your job site by default. When necessary on larger orders, delivery can be phased across a schedule of multiple deliveries.

How do you handle returns?

When material is delivered, we ask that you or a representative be present at the job site. If you decline any material for any reason, just leave it on the truck and you will be refunded for it.

How long are your quotes good for?

We don’t hold material on quotes until they become orders, so in theory it’s possible that availability will change anytime after a quote is provided. However, in our experience, quotes tend to be good for ~2 weeks.

Can I get photos?

Yes. Just click the “Request Photos” button next to the desired line item in your quote.

How do I pay?

Everyone can pay with a credit or debit card on the quote page. For some customers, terms are available, but you’ll have to contact us directly to set that up.