Advanced Purchasing Analysis

We provide some of the lowest pricing on plants in the industry by using software to analyze every possible combination of plants from nurseries in our network, doing a full logistics analysis on each bid, and delivering the lowest cost quote to you within 24 hours of submitting it.

Billions of combinations

Our algorithm looks at billions and billions of combinations of plants from various nurseries to determine the lowest cost way to get the plants you need to your job site. It'd be impossible to manually process quotes at this level of detail, which allows us to find savings that normally get missed.

Don't Waste money on re-brokered material

When nurseries don't have material you request, they typically broker that material in, adding hefty margins to do so. It's far more cost effective to order the material from the source, but if you're only asking a handful of nurseries, it can be hard to find out who that is. We send your list out to our network of hundreds of nurseries, which allows us to avoid many unnecessarily re-brokered plants.

Avoid Delivery Minimum pitfalls

There's all sorts of hidden costs with delivery minimums. Ordering plants manually, it's often hard to keep track of delivery minimums, which occasionally results in paying too much by ordering plants at a higher cost just to meet a minimum, or, worst of all, not being able to get the material you need delivered. Our system is minimum-aware, so when we optimize your order, we're avoiding these pitfalls.

Just a starting point

Pricing isn't everything, which is why the quote we deliver to you is just a starting point. You can request photos, and pick the right plant for the job. Each time you select a new photo, we re-optimize the quote around your selection, so you're always saving the most possible.